(Photo - Deb Schwedhelm Photography)


Our lives are carved by a stream of memories, too many for our arms to hold.  Photos are the blessings that bring us back to the essence, truth, and beautiful moment so fleeting, that might have otherwise slipped away.  I'm honored to be invited into the heart of a family, armed with the job of collecting moments, big and small - and turning them into living heirlooms with the power to freeze time.  As a mother myself, I know all too well the race in which our children grow, and the numbing feeling of wanting none other than to keep them small.  You can simply never have enough memories tucked away.


Roxanne Ricciardi Bryant has been taking photos, film and digital, for almost 20 years.   Her professional career in art began as a designer in New York City, working for both Nickelodeon and Disney.  After working in the design industry for several years, she pursued an MFA in Art Education, designing a curriculum on the Visual Language of Drawing.  She has taught fine arts including painting, drawing, graphic design, photography, and printmaking in public, private, and boarding schools in Boston and the greater Boston area.  Currently, Roxanne resides in Rhode Island with her husband and two young children, photographing families throughout New England.  She's available for sessions year round, worldwide, and at one of her family's favorite places - Martha's Vineyard - during the summer season.