{Preview} Timeless

Four years ago, Sarah and Erik were married on the flat, grassy lawn of her family’s cottage on Martha's Vineyard.  This summer they brought their six-month-old baby boy to Chappy for the first time to dunk in the grey waters, walk the desolate beaches, and sleep in the same beds her family has for five generations. 

The cottage is an untouched relic, sun-soaked, and worn to softness.  Mellowed wood, golden walls, and exposed beams cradle the house from above.  A long, narrow hallway in the back of cottage is lined with tiny bedrooms and vintage photos of family past.  Hand-written family history dating back to the 1800’s floats between the faces - haunting, smooth - reminders of feet padding the same hallway year after year.

I can’t help but think Sarah could be her once young grandmother in these photos.  Both classic beauties, boys on their hips.  There’s a good chance the pale light, and sunned breeze enveloped the house exactly the same way 50 years ago.  I love the way Sarah and her boy are washed with this unchanging beauty.  Timelessness veiling the walls.