{Preview} Finding Stella

Long before Stella’s birth, her name came to her Mother, like a dagger – clear, unmistakable, true.  I remember Lisa, barely pregnant, whispering into the phone she was 100% sure it was a girl.  Didn’t need the ultrasound to know.  This baby already had her arms curled in Lisa’s auburn hair and a foot in the world’s door.  So she arrived, with a bang:  old-lady soul, tireless agenda, flashing smile, great purpose, and the unmistakable stare of a baby on a mission.  Stella seemed the type of baby you could put on the floor at three months and watch her get up and go.  Never look back.  Bowl you right over - forget about her size.  For Stella is as sweet as they come, but has that true, deep intensity.  Never ceasing to remind you every second of the day she is so much more than a baby.  I think some babies find their way into this world -- aren’t simply born.  Stella is one of them.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl.