Born to

Have you heard of this?  “Flow”?  I didn’t know it had a name until I saw this documentary.  Flow is when you become so engrossed in process, whatever it may be, you loose your sense of self, becoming one with what you are doing.  Your world stops.  If you are an artist, painter, baker, runner, writer, musician, woodworker, gardener, or maker-of any sort, I bet you’ve felt this many times.

This past weekend, we took in the music of Waterdeep, a husband/wife music duo, in an old ark-like-barn, and I couldn’t get over their flow – deep and total loss.  Watching them felt true.  In many ways so true, it seemed the only real response was to cry.  Their flow blew me away.

The weekend was filled with many other things get lost in too, and these photos catch a few favorites.  But five days out, I keep coming back to Waterdeep’s melodies, pouring like rain, voices gleaning off the darkness.  And that blissful ability to loose ourselves in flow -- or watch someone else get lost in it -- feeling the glory of time melt to nothingness.