{Preview} Sam & Annie

I could not get enough of these children.  Sam soaked to the waist in water.  Darting like a wren, unaware of the cold, the wind his ignition.  Until he’d turn, realize I was taking his photo, and lunge his hands forward.  You.  STOP.   Something would grab his attention and off again into the white wind he scattered like leaves.  Annie, the opposite, was absorbed in my moving black circles.  She’d crawl until there were inches between us, and watch.  Drink in what I was doing.  Riveted, coy, utterly beautiful, corn silk locks grazing her enormous, blinking eyes.  Everything about her was motionless, gleaming, like a shiny drop of candy.   

I have known Liz and Andrew for a long time, and realize they are amazing parents, but after this day, there was nothing more obvious.  So lovely to watch Liz constantly bowing, whispering, swooping, tender.  Andrew deep in sand, exploring, carefully watching.  I said goodbye wanting to parent more like them.  Let my children get wet just because.  Run limitlessly.  Vow more to not forget the energy that makes them raw, beautiful, wild.